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Going through a divorce can be one of the most trying times in a person's life. Not only does a divorce bring about a major life change, but it is also accompanied by financial and emotional upheaval. If you are considering or anticipating a divorce, you are likely concerned about the future of your family and are worried that you may be left with few options.

The Temecula divorce lawyers of Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP have the experience to guide you through the divorce process and will help you fight for your rightful share of property and child custody. We understand how devastating a divorce can be and we are prepared to help you through this difficult time. For more information, call us today at 760-722-7646.

No-Fault Divorce

Under California's Family Law Act of 1969, a spouse does not have to meet any showing-of-fault requirements to be granted a divorce. This means that either spouse can initiate a divorce if he or she no longer wants to be married or cannot overcome differences with his or her spouse. While some states allow a person to file for either fault-based or no-fault divorce, California is not one of them. The only option available to California residents seeking a divorce is the no-fault divorce.

Methods of Resolution

When most people think of divorce, images may come to mind of two spouses fighting it out in court in front of a judge. On the contrary, many divorces are resolved without ever stepping foot in a courtroom. If you are considering a divorce, our Temecula divorce attorneys can help you decide which method would be best for your situation. Some of the possible methods to resolve your divorce include:

  • Settlement outside of court: If both spouses can agree on the terms of the divorce, a divorce can be obtained more quickly and at a much lower cost than going through court
  • Mediation: If both spouses cannot agree on a settlement for divorce, a divorce lawyer can help you to come to an agreement through mediation. This allows spouses to settle their differences outside of court and come to an agreement.
  • Litigation: When all other options fail, it may be necessary for a couple to go to court to obtain their divorce. We are prepared to bring your case to court if that is the best available option.

How We Can Help

If you are facing the possibility of a divorce, our Temecula divorce attorneys have the resources to help you through the divorce process. We understand how overwhelming a divorce can be and we are here to assist you throughout your case. We will work to ensure that you receive a fair division of your marital assets and will fight for your right to child custody and child support.

To learn more about divorce proceedings and how we can help you through this trying time, contact the Temecula divorce lawyers of Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP today at 760-722-7646.

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